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Dispersetech manufactures a wide selection of quality high speed dispersion blades. These mixing blades find uses in many chemical processing industries including: paint, coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc. Standard blades are constructed of 304 stainless steel, but other metals are available on request. In order to improve wear characteristics, we offer heat hardening as well as various ceramic coatings. Our blades can be bored to fit any of the common dispersers including; Myers, Cowles, Hockmeyer, Schold, Schar, etc. Our selection includes the Sawtooth blade, the workhorse in the industry as well as more exotic configurations.

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  • The CSI is a unique tool for high speed dispersion and emulsification. It produces finer grind in less time with less heat build up, less power consumption and less wear than any other impeller. As with all our blades it can be bored to fit any of the popular dispersers, including; Myers, Cowles, Hockmeyer, Schold, Shar, etc.

  • The curved blade turbine impeller produces a radial flow pattern with less shear and power consumption than a vertical flat blade turbine. It is used in applications such as heat transfer, high solids contents or low liquid levels.

  • Reduce fumes and vapors leaving your dispersion tank. Keep foreign material from falling in your batches. Avoid lifting large heavy lids onto your tanks. The Floating Lid assembly is mounted to your high speed disperser. Guide rods raise the lid to allow tanks to be placed under your mixer and hold the lid when no tank is in place. Lid can be used with...

  • Known as theCutter Bladebecause of its superiority for dissolving resins. The E Blade or Type 3 dispersion blade utilized for high vehicle viscosities and/or solids loadings. This dispersion blade produces shear but with more turbulence than other designs. Unlike most standard designs the teeth vary in size and angle.

  • TheF Style high shear disperser blade is most popular and versatile dispersion impellers. The impeller creates a laminar flow region around the blade where agglomerates are torn apart by velocity gradients of ajacent flow layers. The uniform teeth help to accelerate pigment particles and breakup agglomerates. This high shear is complemented by turbulent...

  • The vertical flat blade impeller is a radial flow design used widely in low liquid levels or high shear applications with high power consumption that axial flow impellers. Four and six blade designs are available.

  • This High-vaned "Pumper" blade, or Type 7 dispersion blade is designed for maximum turbulent flow. It is an excellent choice for blending and agitation. This dispersing blade will disperse pigments or flatting agents rapidly in high viscosity or thixotropic systems with minimum heat generation.

  • Hi-Vane Pumper impellers fill the intermediate range between low-speed and high-speed mixing. High-volume pumping action and radial flow promote better blending, while low shear minimizes temperature rise. The H Style, Type 2 blade will disperse pigments or flatting agents rapidly in high viscosity or thixotropic systems with minimum heat generation.

  • The HS series dispersion blade is a variation of the standard saw tooth blade. It can be used in the manufacturing of adhesives, clay slurries, ink, paint, paper coatings and numerous other products.

  • The HSX series, Turbo blade is similar to the HS series but has serrated teeth that will help with heavier grinds. The serrated teeth have more cutting surfaces to help speed up the dispersion process of high solids batches. With the same proven design as the HS series blade, the Turbo blade with serrated teeth will help reduce your grind time.

  • The HSXP series, Turbo Pump blade has the same serrated teeth as the HSX series and also includes alternating fins in the center of the impeller to help pump the material through the blade. With a combination of the serrated teeth and the pumping fins, your batch will have the best of both worlds, high dispersion and high pumping action from one blade.

Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items
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