Our closing machines seal friction, press-on lids, lug (crimp) lids and screw caps in a wide range of container sizes. Our closer assemblies are easy to setup and integrate with many systems. Select from Pneumatic-Press/Crimper Closers, Roller Closers and Cap Torquers.

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  • Ideal-Pak CA-CES Automatic Closer For pails, quarts and gallons

  • SureKap SK600-18 The fully automatic, straight line, six spindle SK6000-18 capper features a head mounted heavy duty C-chute. This model's heavy duty design is durable and drastically reduces the need for maintenance while increasing the productivity and flexibility.

  • Table Top Capping Machine The SK-CT90 is designed as a bench mount, semi-automatic cap tightener that tightens any continuous thread caps. This air powered capper controls torque by air regulator. Tightener assembly is attached to support stand which can be mounted to table top or semi-automatic filler.

  • Tightening and Re-torquing Capping Machine As a semi-automatic, straight line, six spindle cap tightener & retorquer, the SK600 can handle all standard torque capping duties.

  • Six Spindle Capping Machine Based on a heavy duty stainless steel frame, our newest fully automatic capper utilizes the latest technology to automatically place and precisely torque a wide spectrum of cap types onto virtually any bottles type.

  • ALP-5O Lid Placer with bung/spout Orienter: Properly seats plastic lids while orienting the spout/bung onto pails already oriented on the conveyor.

  • The CP-5-2873 is an automatic, portable, crimper closing machine that will securely seal lids on one to five gallon containers. Attachments are available for sealing different size containers as well as friction or press-on style lids.

  • AUTOMATIC PLASTIC LID PLACER WITH POWERED ROLLER CLOSER The Heisler Lid Placer is designed to accomodate a large quantity of lids on an infeed conveyor and dispnse them at up to 40 lids per minute.

  • Ideal-PakCR1-2675 Automatic Closer For 1/2 pint to gallons

  • Single Turret Capper for "Stolz" style caps The automatic capper model CA 01 TP PP is suitable to close Tin Cans with Press-On plastic Stolz Caps. Complete with stars wheel, cap elevator, cap sorter with orienting system, Pick & Place System.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
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