Low Speed Agitators

We offer a complete line of agitators including; Fixed Mount Top Entering Mixers, Side Entering Mixers and Turbine Mixers

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  • The G series is a low horsepower mixer drive with single reduction worm gear reducers are grease lubricated for life and use standard C face motors.

  • The N series offers a mid range drive which features a double reduction, all helical gear reducer.

  • The L series utilizes a triple reduction, helical/bevel gear arrangement that is 96.5% efficient.

  • FD, Flange Mounted - Direct Drive Model FD Top Entering Mixers

  • MixMor FG, Flange Mounted - Gear Drive Model

  • Baseplate Mounted Direct Drive Model OD Top Entering Mixers Mixers

  • Baseplate Mounted Gear Drive Model OG Top Entering Mixers

  • Rugged & Versatile -The MixMor Model HV is an all-welded construction, V belt drive mixer which is extensively used in food, chemical, asphalt and other processing industries. Its heavy duty construction assures long life with minimum maintenance.

  • Efficient & Compact -The MixMor Model HFG occupies a minimum of space utilizing a single reduction helical reducer. Maintenance free gear reducer is lubricated for life.

  • Dependable & Proven -The MixMor Model HG is a rugged gear-driven side entering mixer which will provide years of continuous trouble-free service while efficiently handling a wide range of applications.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
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