Disperser configuration

Published : 08/30/2016 18:02:37
Categories : High Speed Dispersion , Technical Discussions

Dispersion Ratios

  • The blade diameter should be roughly 1/3rd the diameter of the vessel.
  • Normal blade is speed is targetted at 5200 fpm (feet per minute).
  • Typical power requirements are in the range of 10 HP per 100 gallons of product.
  • Position balde 1/2 of the blade diameter off the tank bottom
  • Liquid level should be 1 1/2 blade diameters above the blade
  • Blade should be centered in the tank
  • Allow for product vortexing to prevent material from splashing over the top of the tank. 20% freeboard is recommended.

While the above "Rules of Thumb" present a very good starting point, more detailed information can be found on the following pages.

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