Shar Disperser Blade Bore

Shar Systems makes use of a very common design in driving their disperser blades. CENTER BORE and PIN HOLES: A center hole is drilled in the blade. Two (2) pin holes are drilled around the center hole. Drive pins extend from a hub through the blade and typically extend into a lower plate or washer. Torque is transfered from these pins to the pin holes in the dispersing blade. This design is used throughout the horsepower range and blade size range. As blade diameter increases, the distance between pinholes and/or the number of pinholes is increased.

Some of the more common Shar blade arrangements include:

  • 1" center Hole and two (2) 5/16" pinholes on a 1-3/4" bolt circle
  • 1-3/4" center Hole and two (2) 5/16" pinholes on a 2-1/2" bolt circle


Our blade shop can prepare blades to match any mixer mounting configuration given a template or adequate design detail.