Hockmeyer Disperser Blade Bores

Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation, a disperser manufacturer located in the Carolinas is one of the only manufacturers to use a design consisting of a CENTER BORE and KEYWAY to transfer torque to the blade.

The most common of the bore designs for the Hockmeyer Blade include:

  • Lab to 3 HP - 1/2 bore with Keyway
  • 5hp to 7.5 hp - 3/4" bore with keyway
  • 10 to 30 hp - 1-3/8" bore
  • 40 to 60 hp - 2-3/16" Bore
  • 100 hp - 2-3/4" Bore
  • *NOTE - Large HP 2-3/4" Bore may also have (2) 1/2" Pinholes on 8" bolt circle


In this deisign a keyway is cut into the blade extending from the center bore. The disperser blade is sandwiched between a pair of taper plates, which are also keyed. A matching keyway is cut into the shaft. Torque is transfered from the shaft through a key to the blade. Typically used through 60 HP with blades up to approximately 18" in diameter.

COMBINATION KEYWAY and PIN HOLES: Unique to Hockmeyer, this design is typically used with machines over 60 HP and dispersion blades over 18" diameter, the bore and keyway is supplemented by the addition of 2 or more pin holes.