Wear Treatments

Due to high tip speed of the dispersion blade, dispersion blades are subject to wear. Depending on formulations this wear can be severe. DisperseTech offers several wear resistant option:

  • Surface Hardened Blades: This is our earliest and most popular wear resistant blade.  Sometimes referred to as Duratuf, these blades are surface hardened by the Malcomizing Process. This results in a hard wear and corrosion resistant blade.

  • Tungsten Carbide Coated Blades: Our tungsten carbide blade, provides excellant wear resistance. Tungsten Carbide, a very hard metallic, is applied to the blade via the plasma process. The resulting coating has excellant tensile bond strength and superior wear resistance.

  • Ceramic Coated Blades: Our chromium oxide blades are both chemically inert and wear resistant. The chromium oxide we use is a composite also containing titanium oxide and silicon dioxide resulting in improved cohesive strength, better toughness and abrasive wear resistance. The plasma process used to apply these coatings result in excellant micro and macro hardness and wear resistance.