Plasma Coating

Process Description

Plasma Coating

Plasma Spray is perhaps the most flexible of all of the thermal spray processes as it can develop sufficient energy to melt any material. Since it uses powder as the coating feedstock, the number of coating materials that can be used in the plasma spray process is almost unlimited. A high frequency arc is ignited between an anode (nozzle) and a cathode (electrode). Process gases (generally mixtures of argon, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium) flowing between them is ionized to become a plume of hot plasma gas with that exceed the surface of the sun of 6,600 °C to 16,600 °C (12,000 °F to 30,000 °F). When the coating material is injected into the gas plume, it is melted and propelled towards the target substrate.

Dispersetech Wear Coatings

Chromium Oxide Coated Blade At DisperseTech we use this process in producing both our ceramic, Chromium Oxide, and our tungsten carbide coated blades. Thorugh the plasma coatings we can offer an extremely hard surface coating which greatly resists wear.

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