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Tank Cleaning Equipment Choices

Published: 02/07/2017 18:58:26

Cleaning Process tanks used in the manufacture of high viscosity products and products that are not dissolved by the cleaning solution is a huge challenge facing manufacturing.

Washing your tanks is not a simple feat. In many plants this duty falls to the least experienced operators and involves; rags, scrapers, solvents, and TIME.

With the move toward water-based system, there is NO suitable solvent that actually dissolves your products. In today's systems, with this in mind, the “cleaning” solvent is more of a lubricant and carrier for the buildup removed from the tank walls. Typically a low boiling point solvent such as a mineral spirits is used as the cleaning media. Since the solvent will not dissolve your product mechanical action is required. A floppy brush system simply does not exert enough pressure to effectively clean your tanks. A stiff brush system will function better. A driven brush exerts more pressure and can be the best alternative for viscous products and partially cured systems.

SP Tank WasherRio C3DRobus Tank WasherRobus Hardliner Tank Washer
TypeSpray SystemsCentrifugal Floppy BrushCentrifugal Stiff BrushDriven Centrifugal Brush
Tank Cleaner Spray HeadTank Cleaner Floppy BrushTank Cleaner Stiff BrushTank Cleaner Hardliner Brush
MechanismCleans with solvent pressure only. Relies on solvent to dissolve/cut tank build up.Cleans with the mechanical action of brushes.Cleans with the mechanical action of brushes.Cleans with mechanical action of brushes.
Brush PressureN/APressure on brushes result from centrifugal force.Pressure on brushes result from centrifugal force.Torque generated from large geared shaft complements centrifugal pressure on brushes.
Cleans with sides of brushes. Pressure is spread across larger brush surface in contact with tank walls and bottom.Stiffer brush design concentrates force to tips of brush results in higher scrubbing pressures.Stiffer brush design concentrates force to tips of brush results in higher scrubbing pressures.
TanksRound and Irregular shaped vesselsRound and Irregular shaped vesselsRound tanks ONLYRound Tanks ONLY