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    • InkMaker - CAMPIONE - CAMPIONE - 1

    Inkmaker CAMPIONE Dispenser


    This dispensing system automatically produces small-batch quantities with a high degree of accuracy (0.01gr) and reproducibility.


    This system automatically produces small batch quantities with a high degree of accuracy (0.01gr) and reproducibility.

    • The system manages up to 96 multi-flow valves mounted on a metallic arm, pneumatically controlled from an electrical cabinet
    • A pneumatic cylinder moves the arm to the centre of the dispensing head, where the different valve openings are controlled by a central actuator
    • The system is normally combined with a larger production dispensing system, and the two systems share the same components to ensure consistent and perfect reproducibility
    • The system can also be installed as a standalone system having its own pumping structure whenever highly accurate small batch production is required
    • A wet washing cycle starts automatically at the end of each production and blow-drying follows to dry the nozzle of the valve
    • The size of the dispensing head and the number of valves can be adapted to the customer requirements and the system can dispense into all type of cans