• Caframo


    In 1954, Hans Heidolph Sr. decided to expand outside of Germany, into North America and in 1955 the new Caframo business was opened, manufacturing and distributing laboratory stirrers in North America and Mexico.

    The founders were Hans Heidolph Senior, his son Hans Heidolph Jr, and his son-in-law Doctor Rudolph Zinsser.

    The company name Caframo is derived from “Canadian Fractional Motors”.  All overhead stirrers are built with small motors less than a horsepower in strength.

  • Custom Milling & Consulting

    Custom Milling & Consulting

    When your business demands precisely the right solution in particle size reduction or mixing technology CMC provides an experienced, flexible and resourceful partner. The CMC team has a diverse range of capabilities necessary to quickly help define and realize your vision. Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. is a single source for all your wet milling/mixing needs. With Formulation Development, Toll Processing, Supermill PLUS Media Mills, Batch Mills, Three Roll Mills, Planetary Mixers and Turnkey Systems, CMC can offer the right solution.

  • D.W. Renzmann

    D.W. Renzmann

    Cleaning solutions and solvent recovery. Products for the graphic industry, Products for the paint producing industry, Distillation units.

  • DisperseTech, LLC

    DisperseTech, LLC

    Dispersetech manufactures a wide selection of quality high speed dispersion blades. These mixing blades find uses in many chemical processing industries including: paint, coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc. Standard blades are constructed of 304 stainless steel, but other metals are available on request. In order to improve wear characteristics, we offer heat hardening as well as various ceramic coatings. Our blades can be bored to fit any of the common dispersers including; Myers, Cowles, Hockmeyer, Schold, Schar, etc. Our selection includes the Sawtooth blade, the workhorse in the industry as well as more exotic configurations.

  • Disti Kleen, Inc.

    Disti Kleen, Inc.

    Since 1982, Disti Kleen, Inc, has provided solvent recovery systems, tank and container cleaning equipment and color dispensing systems. The customers include paint and ink manufacturers, chemical companies, printers, as well as, electronic, furniture, marine and automotive manufacturers and many other industries. They strive to provide individual solutions for each client's need. One size system doesn't fit all. They have a vast array of different sized and priced equipment that can be customized depending on each unique situation and requirement.

  • Heisler


    HEISLER Industries is a leading manufacturer of labelers, de-lidders, denesters, lid placers, lid closers, palletizers, case packers and other high-quality packaging equipment. We offer state-of-the-art packaging automation technology for the paint industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, food industry, and gypsum industry.

  • Ideal-Pak


    The Ideal-Pak Product Line of Liquid Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment includes fully automatic and semi-automatic filling systems that operate by Electronic Net Weight, Mechanical Weight or Volumetric technology. Ideal-Pak high-performance liquid fillers are the result of more than sixty years of innovation and dedication to the packaging industry.

  • MixMor Incorporated

    MixMor Incorporated

    MixMor continues to be a leading manufacturer of high quality mixers with more than 50 years experience, offering a complete line of mixers including Laboratory, Portable Clamp-on, Fixed Mount Top Entering, Side Entering and Turbine Mixers. MixMor has the technology and mixer to meet your process requirements.

  • MM Industries, Inc.

    MM Industries, Inc.

    Since 1968 MM Industries have been a leading manufacturer of the highest quality sieves, straining and filtration equipment and systems for many industries including: food, pharmaceutical, paints & coatings, ink and powder metals. Their lab, pilot and production scale equipment is utilized worldwide to process many quality wet & dry products.

  • MYERS Mixers, LLC

    MYERS Mixers, LLC

    MyersMixers is a world leader in the design and manufacture of mixing and dispersing equipment. With over sixty years of engineering innovation, technology and experience, Myers produces some of the most effective mixing equipment in the world. Our high speed, high shear mixing and dispersing units are used in primary industries such as, paint, ink, adhesive and sealants, rubber, electronic and other composite materials, food, personal products and many more.

  • PASE Group

    PASE Group

    We proudly serve customers worldwide in the paint & coatings, chemical, petroleum, personal care and food & beverage industries. Furthermore, we specialize in intrinsically safe, explosion proof systems for classified areas.

  • Rexson USA

    Rexson USA

    Rexson is a leading global supplier of gravimetric dispensing systems.  Rexson Systems Limited is a privately owned and independent British company, with offices in the Europe, North America & South America.  Rexson has over 150 years of experience in fluid dispensing technology. Rexson's automatic dispensers are widely used in the ink, paint and coatings industry, but are also used in other industries as diverse as cosmetics, food, oils, pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals. Materials can be liquid, gels or paste, hazardous, caustic, flammable or have thixotropic rheology.

  • StateMix


    State Industries Ltd. has been a pioneer in cast polyurethane systems since 1969. The development of our precision mixer "StateMix" was motivated by a need for a reliable polyurethane metering and mixing machine. By using state-of-the-art computer and instrumentation technology, materials are accurately metered and thoroughly blended, consistently producing a quality elastomer.

  • SureKap, Inc.

    SureKap, Inc.

    SureKap manufactures a wide variety of heavy duty capping equipment that meets the requirements of virtually all cap types, shapes and sizes. From the compact and durable table top capper SK-CT90 to the fully automatic, high speed TSK8000-BF6 SureKap capping systems set the standard in accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

  • Vale-Tech Ltd

    Vale-Tech Ltd

    Vale-Tech produce in-plant ink dispensing systems to enable customers to produce highly accurate spot colors and custom blends on demand. Their dispensing systems deliver large savings in ink and labor costs, as the machines produce precise and repeatable color blends at the point of use, while reworking and recycling press return inks into new blends. These in-plant dispensing systems are very compact, reducing the footprint of a customers ink mixing and storage area.

  • Young Industries