• TheF Style high shear disperser blade is most popular and versatile dispersion impellers. The impeller creates a laminar flow region around the blade where agglomerates are torn apart by velocity gradients of ajacent flow layers. The uniform teeth help to accelerate pigment particles and breakup agglomerates. This high shear is complemented by turbulent...

  • The Ideal-Pak AE2, two Head automatic filler delivers the highest of levels of automation and precision filling performance in a full-featured package. All Premier Line filling systems feature a large, color touch screen HMI with recipe storage, SPC with check-weigh data logging, and Ethernet connectivity for real time filling performance tracking and...

  • The CMC Supermill PLUS horizontal media mill is the latest adaption of a proven design that dates back to the late 1970s.

  • The ColorPoint IP water-based ink dispenser offers an unrivalled blend of technology, reliability and ease of use all at a very competitive price! ColorPoint IP users can expect cost savings of up to 30%, compared to manual ink dispensing processes or buying pre-blended inks.  

  • Myers Engineering, Inc. 800 High Speed Disperser is suited to medium to large batches. Standard sizes from 30-100 H.P. up to 200 HP. Heavy duty single shaft disperser is extra rugged to reduce down time.

  • The CSI is a unique tool for high speed dispersion and emulsification. It produces finer grind in less time with less heat build up, less power consumption and less wear than any other impeller. As with all our blades it can be bored to fit any of the popular dispersers, including; Myers, Cowles, Hockmeyer, Schold, Shar, etc.


DisperseTech - Dispersion Blades and Process Equipment

Our broad selection of quality dispersion blades are complemented by process equipment manufactured by premier suppliers.  This equipment includes high speed dispersers, horizontal mills, low speed agitators, dispensers, tank cleaners and solvent recovery systems.  

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