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Since our inception, DisperseTech has remained focused on supplying the best solution for your dispersion needs. We offer the broadest selection of disperser blades in the industry. Whether designing a single shaft or multi-shaft disperser for your particular product or supplying the optimum dispersion blade for your existing mixer, we rely on our years of expertise to meet your specific needs.

In addition to our mixing and dispersing equipment, DisperseTech offers a full range of production equipment. This equipment includes fillers, dispensers, material handling equipment, tank cleaning, and solvent recovery.

Our Products

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Disperser Blades

The proper blade is critical to achieving the ultimate dispersion.  DisperseTech offers a broad range of blades.  Whether you need the F blade, the industry workhorse, a louvered blade  like the HSXP or ITT, or for highest shear, a ring blade or CSI blade.  We offer them all.

Process Equipment

DisperseTech offers a broad range of products for your mixing, packaging, and processing needs.

Spare Parts

In addition to our blades we offer replacement screens, grinding media, and parts and supplied for all our equipment and for many competitive items.

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Industries We Serve!


DisperseTech was founded to service the paint ink and coatings industry. As such, we carry a broad range of equipment used in the production and packaging of these items.


DisperseTech equipment has broad uses throughout the chemical manufacturing industry. Mixing equipment can be configured for a broad range of temperatures and pressures to handle your reaction needs.


From reactors to high viscosity mixers and packaging equipment, DisperseTech has the solution to your process needs.

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