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In addition to our main equipment lines, we offer additional equipment geared to the product processing. 

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  • Using a custom designed winch assembly, the insulated top cover is moved up and down very easily, providing access to the table when it is in the raised position while maintaining the surface temperature of the table when lowered back to the table top. Select zones of the table can be heated if the whole surface is not needed.

  • StateMix's Spin casting machines provide a unique solution for casting parts that can not be poured via conventional low pressure methods. Spin casting is used in manufacturing parts such as seals, large O-rings and sleeves where complete removal of air bubbles is critical. An innovating centrifuge clamping system will automatically lock the mold as soon...

  • Designed specifically to melt and dispense solid curatives such as MOCA or HQEE, as well as heat and dispense liquid prepolymers and curatives. The Automated Tank Station will heat your materials, degas if required, while agitating the material under vacuum and dispense the amount of material that you enter into the computer automatically.

  • Our custom mixer lift stands are manufactured per order to assure proper fit for your application. Available with castors or fixed mounted to the floor.

  • The SHRED In-line Rotor Stator is a small compact machine that can be completely portable and can make a great impact on your production. Many products need to be premixed before they are fed through a media mill. This self-pumping high shear mixer reduces hard-to-wet materials producing quality premixes that make the processing downstream much more...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
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