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Other Process Equipment

In addition to our main equipment lines, we offer additional equipment geared to the product processing. 

Other Process Equipment and accessories


  • Tanks, Reactors

    We offer a wide range of tanks both vertical and horizontal in materials to suit your applications. From small laboratory vessels to portable tanks and totes through large storage tanks, let us e your one stop shop for all your tank needs.

  • Mills

    We offer agitator bead mills to meet your wet grinding needs.  Immersion Mills for your batch milling requirements or horizontal mills for single-pass, multi-pass and  re-circulation milling.

  • Filters, Sieves &...

    We offer a wide range of all stainless steel self-cleaning filtration systems used for many liquid processes. In addition, our vibratory screens are capable of both liquid staining and powder sieving.

  • Material Handling

    Dilute and dense phase pneumatic conveying and bulk materials processing. Equipment lines include bag dump stations, supersack unloaders, horizontal mixers, ribbon blenders, and dust control equipment

  • Dispensing Systems

    We offer dispensers to tint your paint and ink formulations as well as heated units for urethane compounding.

  • Tank Cleaning Equipment

    Our washing machines use various mechanical cleaning processes (normal or high pressure, ultrasound, brushes) and can be operated with solvents, water-based alkaline cleaners or lyes.

  • Solvent Recovery Systems

    Our machines and units conform to the relevant regulations and offer a maximum of safety and health protection for the operator. Distillation units recover contaminated solvents and washing agents. The distillate is as effective as new solvent and can be reintroduced into the solvent circuit of the cleaning system. This contribution to a healthy environment is also interesting for economic reasons, as most distillation units, for instance, pay themselves off in a very short time. All distillation units can be combined with a washing machine and an appropriate washing agent supply system to form a closed circuit.

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