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The high speed disperser uses a disc style agitator blade or dispersion blade. The main function of dispersing is not performed at the disc but as the product leaves the disperser blade. To produce the laminar flow for dispersion, dispersion blades must produce horizontal discharge of the product. It is therefore important to insure the disperser shaft is vertical. Dispersion blades are fitted with either alternating teeth or grooves. These features results in rapid shift of brief over-pressure and under-pressure zones. The rapid alternating pressure zones aid in wetting and mechanical separation of the pigments. The size of these teeth contribute to the flow generated by the impeller. 

DisperseTech manufactures a wide selection of quality high speed dispersion blades. The designs provide a varied mix of both high shear and flow. Standard disperser blades are constructed of 304 stainless steel, but other metals are available on request. Plastic and Urethane dispersion blades are available as well. In order to improve wear performance, we offer heat hardening as well as various ceramic coatings. The dispersion impellers are available in many blade sizes to meet the batch size requirements.

Our disperser blades can be bored to fit any of the common dispersion mixers including Myers Mixers, Morehouse Cowles, Hockmeyer Dispersers, Schold, Schar, etc. Our selection includes the sawtooth blade, the workhorse in the industry as well as more exotic designs such as ring blades, poly blades and louvered blades.

These disperser blades find uses in many chemical processing industries including paint, coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc.

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