High Speed Dispersers

The disperser, sometimes called a dissolver, is used mix solids into liquids. The high shear dispersion mixer operate at high speed to quickly wet-out pigments, break agglomerates and produce a homogeneous dispersion. To develop the shear necessary to break pigment agglomerates, laminar flow is necessary. A disc style dispersion blade is used to produce the laminar flow needed for dispersion. Through proper selection and sizing of the disperser blade, a flow can be established that will produce the needed shear as well as sufficient flow to yield a homogeneous product.

The disperser is commonly mounted on hydraulic hoist and referred to as a post mixer. This configuration allows portable tanks to be swapped under the mixer, allowing one disperser to operate with multiple tanks. The hydraulic hoist also allows for precise placement of the dispersion blade in the tank. Dispersers can be directly mounted to a fixed tank. This is typically done for larger batches. Limit lift hydraulic cylinders can be added to allow blade positioning even on the tank mounted installations.

High Shear dispersion Mixers

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