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Blades, Shafts, Media etc.

Dispersetech manufactures a wide selection of quality mixer and tank accessories. Blades, shafts, hubs, and tank covers are among some of the items offered.

Blades, Shafts, Media etc.


  • Dispersion Blades
    <p>Dispersetech manufactures a wide selection of quality high speed dispersion blades. These mixing blades find uses in many chemical processing industries including paint, coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc. Standard blades are constructed of 304 stainless steel, but other metals are available on request. In order to improve wear characteristics, we offer heat hardening as well as various ceramic coatings. Our blades can be bored to fit any of the common dispersers including Myers, Cowles, Hockmeyer, Schold, Schar, etc. Our selection includes the Sawtooth blade, the workhorse in the industry as well as more exotic configurations.</p>
  • Mixing Blades
    <p>Industrial mixing applications are different. Dispersetech offers a broad range of mixing blades to suit your needs. From the conventional modified marine propeller, flat blade turbine, pitched blade turbine, and curved blade turbine to the hydrofoils, we have the correct blade to suit your needs. Browse our broad selection of agitator blades.</p>
  • Hubs and shafts
    <p>Laboratory shafts, Welded and Bolted Hubs, Taper Plates, End Caps and other items for mounting dispersion blades</p>
  • Grinding Media
    <p>All grinding media is not created equal. DisperseTech offers a broad range of media for you wet milling operation. We can assist with media selection for your particular products and production equipment. Whether you operate sand mills, horizontal mills, basket mills, attritors or vertical mills, we have the media you need. From inexpensive sand, to glass, zirconium silicate, zirconia oxide, chrome steel and steel shot we carry a braod range of products. We can assist in determining the appropriate material and charge for you mill.</p>
  • Safety Items
    <p>Shaft Guards, Tank Covers, Blade Covers - Reduce fumes and vapors leaving your dispersion tank. Keep foreign material from falling in your batches.  Protect Operators from sharp blade edges.  Keep Plant and Operators safe from common dispersion dangers.</p>

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