Industrial Mixers

DisperseTech offers a broad selection of industrial mixers for all you mixing needs. From small portable mixers and lab dispersers to low speed agitators and high speed dispersers through multi-shaft mixers and planetary mixers we offer mixers to handle the toughest mixing problems.

Agitators, high speed dispersers, planetary and portable mixers


  • Laboratory Mixers
    <p>DisperseTech offers a wide range of laboratory mixers and overhead stirrers to meet your new product development requirements. Our mixers handle a wide range of products and viscosities.</p>
  • Portable Mixers
    <p>MixMor offers top entering portable mixers ideal for drum and tote mixing.  The Heavy Duty clamp mount is standard or a cup base can be supplied for fixed mounting.  These portable mixers are ideal for drum mixing, tote mixing or can be used with portable tanks.  </p>
  • Planetary Centrifugal...
    <p>The Planetary Centrifugal Mixer, Vortex Mixer, mixes hard to blend products utilizing centrifugal force.  Unlike a centrifuge , which uses the forces to separate products by density, the Vortex mixer utilizes a unique dual axis design to mix hard to blend materials over a wide viscosity range. Materials are driven to the furthers part of the mixing container as it revolves around the center of the mixer.  However, the angled mix cup is rotated at a fixed ratio to the speed of revolution.  The furthest location in the mix cup continues to change due to the combination of the rotation and revolution.  This change forces material in the cup to flow over itself, producing shear both at the container walls and within the product itself.  Materials including polyurethanes, silicones, inks, waxes, caulks and sealants can be mixed thoroughly in under a minute.</p>
  • Multi Shaft Mixers
    <p>Attaining correct levels of shear and flow can be difficult in any mixing operation.  Multi shaft mixers allow isolated control of shear, flow by providing a separate shaft for each requirement.  Dual and triple shaft mixers are ideally suited for medium to high viscosity materials.</p>
  • Planetary Mixers
    <p>When mixing shear sensitive materials or incorporating abrasive materials, fibers or delicate solids, such as hollow glass microspheres in highly viscous products, planetary mixers provide an excellent choice.  The predictable orbital path of the double-planetary blades provides an effective and thorough mix with power enough for the highest viscosities, while providing the low shear required for these products.  </p>
  • High Speed Dispersers
    <div>The disperser, sometimes called a dissolver, is used mix solids into liquids. The high shear dispersion mixer operate at high speed to quickly wet-out pigments, break agglomerates and produce a homogeneous dispersion. To develop the shear necessary to break pigment agglomerates, laminar flow is necessary. A disc style dispersion blade is used to produce the laminar flow needed for dispersion. Through proper selection and sizing of the disperser blade, a flow can be established that will produce the needed shear as well as sufficient flow to yield a homogeneous product.</div><div></div><div><p>The disperser is commonly mounted on hydraulic hoist and referred to as a post mixer. This configuration allows portable tanks to be swapped under the mixer, allowing one disperser to operate with multiple tanks. The hydraulic hoist also allows for precise placement of the dispersion blade in the tank. Dispersers can be directly mounted to a fixed tank. This is typically done for larger batches. Limit lift hydraulic cylinders can be added to allow blade positioning even on the tank mounted installations.</p></div>
  • Low Speed Agitators
    <p>We offer a complete line of agitators including; Fixed Mount Top Entering Mixers, Side Entering Mixers and Turbine Agitators.  These industrial mixers can be configured to meet you process requirements.  Our engineers design the mixer to suit your process vessel.  Mechanical seals can be supplied to operate your reactor under pressure or vacuum.  </p>

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