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    DisperseTech - HS Blade - BLV - 1
    • DisperseTech - HS Blade - BLV - 1

    HS Blade


    The HS series dispersion blade is a variation of the standard saw tooth blade.  It is often referred  to as a Cowles blade.  Like the F Blade, it features alternating teeth.  It can be used in the manufacturing of adhesives, clay slurries, ink, paint, paper coatings and numerous other products.

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    This blade can be bored to fit any of the popular mixer, including; Myers Mixers, Cowles Dispersers , Hockmeyer, Schold, Shar, etc.  Other designations for this blade include Type 1 and Design A.   A popular production blade, this blade is also manufactured in a wide size range and is a very common lab mixer blade.