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Young Industries’ rotary valves have five major performance features:

  • Over 55 years of experience in applying rotary valve to bulk materials handling problems
  • Design engineering expertise to reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Longer service life by using high quality raw materials
  • Built using the most modern manufacturing processes
  • Industries lowest air or gas leakage through the valve

** By Quotation Only

Due to numerous configuration options and in efforts to ensure designs meet customer's requirements, pricing is only available by quotation.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Our engineers will assist in providing a design to meet your specific needs.  

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Model HC - High Capacity Rotary Valve

The Young Industries, Inc. Model “HC” (High Capacity) Rotary Valve is a drop-thru-airlock feeder valve with a larger throughput capacity when compared to other rotary valves. In addition to the large throughput capacity, our Model “HC” Rotary Valve has the lowest air or gas leakage in the industry. As a result, the Young Industries Inc. Model “HC” has been proven to provide superior performance and reliability in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, and offers low cost of ownership. The Young Model “HC” Rotary Valve design uses a larger diameter rotor and unrestricted inlet and outlet. This full size opening design results in “straight though” rotor pocket filling and discharging. With this design, you will get a more reliable feeding of product especially when handling products with poor flow characteristics.

Model LH - Low Headroom

The Young Industries, Inc. Model “LH” (Low Headroom) Rotary Airlock Feeder Valve is a Drop-Thru Valve with a lower profile for applications requiring less headroom. The Model “LH” Rotary Airlock Feeder Valve is recommended when the valve is sized based matching a flange size and throughput capacity is not a concern. In addition to the low profile, the Model “LH” Rotary Valve low air or gas leakage.

Model SE - Side Entry

The Young Industries, Inc. Model “SE” (Side Entry) Rotary Valve is an Airlock Feeder Valve with an offset inlet. With this arrangement, the rotor pockets fill approximately 40% which prevents the pellets or chips from clipping or jamming the valve. The Model “SE” valve is recommended when material needs to be metered from a silo or hopper having a head of material above the outlet.

Model RNHC

The Young Industries, Inc. Model RNHC Rotary Valve is a straight drop-thru valve specifically designed for metering pelletized or prill materials with particle sizes 1/16” to 1/4”. In many applications, this valve is used for variable speed and rate control. This is a vertical drop through rotary valve with a pellet-flow inlet throat and rotor that minimizes clipping of the pellets as they enter the rotor pockets.

Model BT - Blow-Thru

The Young Industries, Inc. Model “BT” (Blow-Thru) Rotary Airlock Valve is a drop-thru valve with a convey line built into the bottom of the end plates. This Rotary Valve is used to meter sticky or cohesive powder bulk materials in a pneumatic conveyor. The conveying air blow through the valve’s rotor pockets to assist the material’s discharge.

Model QC - Quick Clean

The Quick Clean Rotary Valve is available as the Model QC and Model CA styles. The Model QC and Model CA Quick Clean Rotary Valves are constructed using Young Industries Model LH or HC Drop-thru Rotary Valve housings, or the Model SE Side Entry Valve housings.

Model ES - End Seal

The Young Industries, Inc. Model “ES” (End Seal) Rotary Valve is a Drop-Thru-Airlock Feeder Valve, either a “HC” (High Capacity) or “LH” (Low Headroom) or “SE” (Side Entry) model with peripheral sealing rings that press against the rotor shroud to reduce leakage through the valve.

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Young Industries NFPA Rotary Valves

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