Process Equipment


  • Blades, Shafts, Media...
    <p>Dispersetech manufactures a wide selection of quality mixer and tank accessories. Blades, shafts, hubs, and tank covers are among some of the items offered.</p>
  • Industrial Mixers
    <p>DisperseTech offers a broad selection of industrial mixers for all you mixing needs. From small portable mixers and lab dispersers to low speed agitators and high speed dispersers through multi-shaft mixers and planetary mixers we offer mixers to handle the toughest mixing problems.</p>
  • Packaging Equipment
    <p>Our packaging systems include denesters, single and multi-head fillers, automatic PLC-controlled conveyor systems, labelers, lid placers and closers as well as cappers for hands-free operation. In addition many systems include touch screen HMI with recipe storage and SPC with check-weigh data logging and Ethernet connectivity to deliver the highest accuracy, consistent fills, and maximum throughput.</p>
  • Other Process Equipment
    <p>In addition to our main equipment lines, we offer additional equipment geared to the product processing. </p>
  • Blade Bore
  • Myers Ram Press
    <p>Ram Presses are available to discharge even your thickest materials.  Available in floor level, lift to discharge, and platform configurations.  </p>

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