Hydrofoil FM3-140
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  • Hydrofoil FM3-140

Hydrofoil Mixing Impeller

The axial flow hydrofoil impeller produces one of the most efficient flow patterns with low power consumption and shear. Available in three, four and wide blade designs for applications up to 50,000 centipoise.

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Hydrofoils are designed to introduce high axial flow and low shear.  The design of these impellers varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.  The most common hydrofoil is a three-blade design, however, 4 bladed foils are also available.  The blade profile has either a roll radius or bend angle to approximate a curvature.  The blade width is considered to be the distance between the leading and trailing edges of the blade.  The width and heights of the blade vary at different distances from the hub.  

In order to develop a similar velocity profile as a propeller, the blade angle varies from hub to tip.  This produces the uniform velocity across the entire blade discharge area and results in the high flow low shear performance of this blade.  As the blades are fabricated rather than cast they exhibit a marked decrease in weight and cost over the propeller.  

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