Pitched-Blade Turbine | PBT4.45-009
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  • Pitched-Blade Turbine | PBT4.45-009

Pitched-Blade Turbine - PBT


The Pitched Blade turbine produces an axial flow pattern with a balance of shear and pumping.  The blades are sloped at a constant blade angle over the length of the blade.  


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Pitch-Blade Turbine - PBT

A pitched blade turbine, PBT,  produces axial flow.  The blades of this turbine are inclined to the horizontal plane to form the blade angle.  The most common of which is the PBT45,  45 degree pitched blade turbine.  PBT30 and PBT60 with their 30 degree and 60 degree blades are also available. 

Unlike their radial flow counterparts for which the discharge stream emerges from the periphery of the impeller, the flow of the pitched-blade turbine is discharged from the lower side of the blade producing its characteristic axial flow.  

Pitched-Blade Turbine
PBT Profile

Impeller Parameters

  • D - Blade Diameter
  • α - Blade Angle
  • Dw - Blade Width
  • H - Sin α

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