Caframo Crossover Overhead Stirrer

SKU Model 1540 Category Laboratory Mixers
  • 1/2 hp (300 watts)
  • 50-1500 rpm
  • 3000 Ncm (4248 in-oz)
  • 200 L (55 US Gallons)


Unique batch mixer for lab, pilot scale, and small production.  Power, control and features including touch screen, data logging, PC or PLC control, timers, alarms, through shaft and more.

MODEL Model 1540
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A powerful combination of torque and electronic sophistication. The robust ½ horsepower motor, PC/PLC communications and extensive features make the Caframo Crossover unparalleled in the market. Mixing up to 200 litres (55 gallons) of basic pre-mix, industrial pilot plant volumes, or full production batches, this portable mixer weighs only 12 kg (26.5 lb). The resistive touch screen enables simple feature operation (timers, alarms, rotation direction, resume on power up, start, stop) without removing your gloves! Control the mixer with a PC or PLC via USB, RS232 or 4‑20 mA or data log speed and torque directly to a memory stick.  Install immediately with standard 120 V cord set, and four bolt mounting. Optional plate or C‑clamp set attaches the Crossover to a stand, drum or customer mount and allows optimal shaft angle in vessel. Includes chuck, chuck key, chuck shaft guard, installed screen protector, USB memory stick, mounting bolts, power cord, manual, calibration certificate and three year warranty.

Category Laboratory Mixers Brand Caframo
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