StateMix VM-200


StateMix VM-200 Dual Axis Centrifugal Mixer


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The VM-200 with a maximum mixing capacity of 200 grams is the ideal machine for development work and small batch production. The Vortex mixer is designed to mix difficult to blend materials over a range of viscosities. Materials including prepolymer resins, curatives, powdered additives, and epoxy systems are thoroughly mixed effectively and quickly. The centrifugal force created by spinning the material in two opposite axis' simultaneously produces a high shear blending effect, thus mixing the materials inside the pail. Compared to conventional hand mixing methods such as drills, or impeller type mixers, the Vortex mixer will give you an effective mix in fraction of the time without introducing any bubbles into mixed material.



StatMix Centrifugal Mixer

Dual axis centrifugal mixing produces a tremendous shear force with no blades or time consuming clean up.

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