Stinger Pump


The Stinger® Pump is a good choice for: 

  • Unloading fine powders from bulk bags to process vessels 
  • Transferring powders from paper bag dump stations to process vessels 
  • Processes that require inert gas blanketing of powder 
  • Conveying applications where space is limited 
  • Conveying applications with multiple discharge destinations 
  • When conveying vertically and weighing is required

** By Quotation Only

Due to numerous configuration options and in efforts to ensure designs meet customer's requirements, pricing is only available by quotation.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Our engineers will assist in providing a design to meet your specific needs.  

Request Pricing / Info

Request Pricing / Info


Young Industries Patented Stinger® Convey System utilizes Transflow fluidization media in product contact areas of the system to fluidize and condition fine powders. In a fluidized condition, powder flow properties change so that conveying requires less energy than other types of pneumatic or mechanical systems. The Stinger® convey tubing is completely lined with Transflow fluidization media so that the powder being conveyed retains it fluidized properties from powder being conveyed retains it fluidized properties from inlet to discharge. Our unique Patented double-bedded fluidization process gives the Stinger® system the ability to control and distribute fluidization gas through-out the system. Simple… . Reliable… . Low velocity conveying.

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