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Model DA Direct Drive Air Mixer


Mix-Mor Incorporated Model DA Portable Direct Drive Air Mixer

MixMor Offers high quality, heavy duty portable air mixers ranging from 1/3 to 4 hp. With shaft diameters from 5/8" through 1-1/4", we can handle even the toughest products.

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Mix-Mor Incorporated Model DA Portable Direct Drive Air Mixer

MixMor heavy duty direct drive mixers use standard NEMA C face motors mounted on aluminum drive housings. The housing encloses a double sealed ball bearing, with a lower lip seal for additional protection, to provide outboard support for the quill shaft which is subject to stresses from the mixer shaft. Mixer mounts with a heavy duty brass clamp with handwheels for fastening, thus eliminating the need for special tools or wrenches. The clamp and drive housing have a ball and socket assembly to allow 360 rotation on the horizontal plane and 100 on the vertical plane for optimum mixer shaft angle.


ModelPower SourceMixerShaftImpeller
Quantity / Diameter
hp rpm Single Dual
DA-13 40 psi, 22 cfm 300-1800 5/8" x 36" 4½" 4" 30
DA-11 80 psi, 40 cfm 1 300-1800 5/8" x 48" 6½" 6" 36
DA-2 80 psi, 70 cfm 2 300-1800 7/8" x 60" 7" 6½" 65
DA-4 99 psi, 135 cfm 4 300-1800 7/8" x 60" 8" 7½" 88

Many options are available:

  • Housings: Aluminum alloy housings with heavy duty, corrosion resistant brass clamps. Available in stainless steel or other alloys.
  • All Stainless Steel Mixers 
  • Coated Shaft and Impellers
  • Sanitary Finishes
  • Shaft and Impellers in other Alloys 
  • Stainless Steel Motors
  • USDA Accepted Models
  • Impellers: Marine Props, hydrofoils, pitched and flat blade turbines, and dispersion blades are available.

Contact us with your requirements, we would be happy to prepare a suitable design for your application.



MixMor Portable Mixer

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