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    Vale-Tech - Vale-Tech HP Paste Ink Dispenser - VTL-HP - 1
    • Vale-Tech - Vale-Tech HP Paste Ink Dispenser - VTL-HP - 1

    Vale-Tech HP Paste Ink Dispenser


    The HP model is an ‘in-plant’ dispensing unit typically used to dispense highly accurate and precise high viscosity paste ink spot colours directly into pails or ‘vac-pac’ cans.


    The Vale-Tech HP10, HP25 and HP35 are high-duty ink dispensers designed for 24/7 operation, and are very suitable for UV and conventional

    offset inks, concentrates, plastisols and high viscosity products. Their compact design, high accuracy and ease of use make them the ideal systems for inplant colour blending. The HP10 is designed to dispense difficult high viscosity inks in batch sizes of 100g to 7Kg, while the HP25 dispenses batches up to 25kg.

    HP series machines feature:

    • PANTONE® licensed software.
    • Long life dispense valves, fitted with Teflon seals and anti-drip nozzles.
    • Incorporates the Vale-Tech range of high accuracy, stainless steel enclosed balances.
    • Fixed ink reservoirs of 10kg or 20kg or 35kg capacity, depending upon model.
    • Blending colour batches from 100g to 25Kg to an accuracy of +/- 0.1g
    • Up to 24 ink reservoirs.
    • Each ink reservoir incorporates an ink level sensor – Low ink warnings are given “real time”.
    • Agitation option.


    • Compact, high accuracy, high performance ink dispensers with a small footprint requiring the minimum of space.
    • High reliability and low maintenance.
    • Installation is virtually plug and play.
    • Remote access feature allows direct link with the ink supplier, colour centre and the Technical Support Team providing on-line training and software maintenance.