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  • Vale-Tech - Vale-Tech IDS Liquid Ink Dispensers - VTL-IDS - 1

Vale-Tech IDS Liquid Ink Dispensers


The IDS model is an ‘in-plant’ liquid ink dispensing unit. The IDS allows printers to blend highly accurate and precise colours on demand, whilst reworking and recycling press returns into new blends. Suitable for UV Flexo & Screen Ink Dispensing Systems


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The Vale-Tech IDS10 and IDS35 are particularly suitable for accurate dispensing of UV screen and UV flexo inks and varnishes.

The IDS10 and IDS35 Inplant Ink Dispensers are a smart, modular design developed with a singular purpose: to meet the highly demanding aesthetic requirements of a printing operation while accommodating the very practical functions of running an efficient business.

The many IDS installations have shown that these machines enable printed results of exceptional accuracy to be obtained – far superior to any other automated dispensing system in the industry. At the heart of the IDS10 and IDS35 dispensers, you’ll find precision manufactured dispensing valves with long life Teflon seals; accurate to +/-0.2g. With Vale-Tech Ink Manager software, you are ensured that everything you need to control colour and ink usage throughout the dispensing and colour blending process is available to you.

For printers who demand speed, accuracy and full audit trails for the dispensed product, the IDS10 and IDS35 are excellent solutions. Dispensing, mixing, and proofing functions of these machines are fully automated.

The IDS10 and IDS35 dispensers offer you considerable savings possibilities – The most obvious is the 20-45 percent cost savings in ink because you use only what you need. The speed of dispense enables you to provide ink to the press “just-in-time”, and in the actual quantity that they require. This means that there is no waste and no need to store unused product. Being fully automated, the IDS10 and IDS35 save you a large amount of production time, require less oversight, and allows you to increase your capacity to provide printing other services.


  • PANTONE® licensed software.
  • Long life dispense valves, incorporating Teflon seals and anti-drip nozzles.
  • Incorporates the Vale-Tech range of high accuracy, stainless steel enclosed balances.
  • Fixed ink reservoirs of 10kg (IDS10) or 35kg (IDS35) capacity.
  • Up to 24 ink reservoirs.
  • Each ink reservoir incorporates an ink level sensor.
  • Agitation option


  • Compact, high accuracy, high performance ink dispensers.
  • A small footprint means these dispensers require minimum space.
  • High reliability and low maintenance.
  • Installation is virtually plug and play.
  • A remote access feature.